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Проф. Н. Хаджиева и колектив


More than 50 years Prof. Spartak Hadjiev, M.D., D.Sc. from the Medical University in Plovdiv, Bulgaria has investigated the interactions between Mycobacterium tuberculosis and cancer cells in people with cancer. During the last 20 years Prof. Hadjiev, his daughter Prof. Nassya Hadjieva M.D., and his grandson Assoc. Prof. Michael Petov M.D., Ph.D. have continued the research on the anti-tumor activity of BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guérin). Many papers and communications over the basic data of this investigation have been published in different medical journals.


The main point of these investigations was that BCG contains a powerful anticancer factor, responsible for its anti-tumor activity. This factor named "H96" is a leading component in the preparation of the vaccine "KATRAPS" (formerly known as "HD88"), applied from Prof. Hadjiev and Prof. Hadjieva for treatment of different types of cancer. H96 has a dramatic effect on cancer cells, stopping their wild division and blocking their suppressive action on the normal cells. Research of Prof. Hadjiev suggests that this effect is not dependant from the immune system and H96 does not affect the immune response.



H96 acts rather as a cellular growth factor, controlling the undifferentiated proliferation of the cells. The analysis of the phenomena and the results of BCG application for cancer treatment strongly suggest that the therapeutic effect of BCG in cancer is entirely connected with the presence of H96 in the products applied, the BCG cells itself being of minor importance. If the presence of H96 has not been taken into consideration, the therapeutic effects of BCG in patients with cancer remain rare, isolated and not reproducible. A higher concentration of H96 can be obtained by a proper selection of BCG sub-strains, incubated in special conditions. The recent series of the vaccine "KATRAPS" have been prepared following this optimized approach and better therapeutic results are being assessed.




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