Our more than 10 years experience shows that HD88 has a very good therapeutic effect in patients with cancer of the urinary bladder. Among 52 patients with this diagnosis solely one died from cancer dissemination and the others (> 98%) outlived the disease.


Usually patients with bladder cancer come to us after several transurethral resections (TURs) or open bladder operations. Many of them have been operated every 2 - 3 months. After the beginning of HD88 therapy in most of the cases the following cystoscopies proved to be negative (no reoccurrence of the cancer). In those cases further investigations were discontinued in order to avoid complications after this unpleasant, invasive procedure and to prevent the opportunity for septic disseminations.


Hematuria (presence of blood in the urine) was one of the leading symptoms for our patients - it was present in 37 (> 70% of all studied cases). Soon after the beginning of the treatment with HD 88 this symptom faded away in 31 patients (84% of those with hematuria).


We present the medical history of three patients with bladder cancer to demonstrate the effect of HD88 therapy in cases with this type of cancer:



D.K., 51 years old patient

Diagnosis:  Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder (Transitional cell bladder cancer)


From 1990 to 1992 the patient underwent TURs every 3 - 4 months. In 1992, after several recurrent massive hematurias, he was proposed an open bladder operation. D.K. refused and began treatment with HD88. Soon hematuria disappeared and the patient felt better. In 1996 new abundant hematuria emerged. The following investigations revealed a coincident calculosis and no signs of bladder cancer. Now D.K. lives a complete, normal live.



A.A., 46 years old patient

Diagnosis: Transitional cell bladder cancer


HD88 treatment was started in 1989. A.A was in a bad general condition because of recurrent profuse hematuria. Soon after the application of HD88 hematuria faded away. Several following cystoscopies were negative for malignant cells. Now A.A is well and lives a normal life.



S.S., 57 years old patient, medical doctor

Diagnosis: Transitional cell bladder cancer


In the years 1985 - 1987 he underwent TURs every 2 - 3 months. HD88 therapy was started in May 1987 and soon hematuria disappeared. The following several cystoscopies were negative. There is no sign of reoccurrence of the tumor until now. Currently A.A. fells himself in good physical shape and lives a complete life as a medical doctor.